8-inch Medium Firm King Size Pocket Spring

  • Dimensions: Length (72inches/ 6ft/ 182.88cms), Width (72inches/ 6ft/ 182.88cms), Height (8inches/ 0.67ft/ 20.32cms)
  • Individually Wrapped Pocket Springs: The pocket spring mattress features individually wrapped coils that move independently, providing targeted support and minimizing motion transfer
  • Enhanced Support: The pocket springs adjust to your body’s contours, offering optimal support and proper spinal alignment, which can help alleviate back and neck pain.
  • Reduced Partner Disturbance: The independent movement of pocket springs isolates motion, ensuring minimal disturbance from your partner’s movements during sleep
  • Breathability and Airflow: The open structure of the pocket spring system allows for better air circulation, promoting a cooler sleep environment and reducing heat buildup


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