KidsBaby Tricycle With Parental Control

  • PLUG N PLAY: Easy to install as almost all the parts come pre-assembled and would not require much time as all the parts are Smart Plug and Play based. Customer support no.: 99-90-53-4678
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The most important part, is the SEAT BELT which comes as standard in all our Tricycles. Secondly, the Tricycle is based on (ZED) ZERO EDGE DESIGN PLATFORM
  • STORAGE SPACE: Storage space to keep stuff for kids, be it sipper, stuff toys, mobile phones, etc
  • FOLD-ABLE and ROTATE-ABLE FOOTREST: The Footrest is both Fold-able and Rotate-able which can be adjusted as per the need
  • CUSHIONED PARENTAL CONTROL: Not just Parents, now even Elder Siblings can manoeuvre the Tricycle.
  • BIS COMPLIANT: All the Luusa products are ISI-marked and BIS-compliant.